5 Ways to Live Aloha

To the mind of a mainlander, it’s easy to believe the “Aloha Spirit” is a feeling that can only be experienced while relaxing on an island vacay.

However, take it from someone who is fortunate enough to call Hawaii home, aloha means so much more than a warm hello or a heartfelt goodbye. It symbolizes a sense of love, compassion and peace within yourself. It is how you show kindness to others, while bringing more light, hope, and positivity into this world.

To the Hawaiian culture, aloha is a way of life and can be practiced from anywhere your heart desires— here are five ways to live with more aloha.

  1. Support Local 

Aloha begins with community, and Hawaii’s main motive is working together in supporting local farmers, business, and creatives. This kind of loyalty is what keeps their culture alive and economy thriving. Show your hometown some love by visiting local farmers markets or getting your “OM” on at a community yoga class.

  1. Savor Every Sunset

In a place like Hawaii, everything stops for the sunset. It’s a special moment in time where life is put on pause as the sky becomes painted in tinted hues of pink and gold. Part of aloha means showing appreciation for the natural wonders of this world, and the sunset reminds us to give a little gratitude at the end of every day!

  1. Ohana Over Everything

With family comes an unconditional kind of bond that reminds you what really matters in this life. To Hawaiians, family is not only those related by blood, but all who share a common sense of love and compassion for one another. Open your heart to aloha by spending more time with the people who encourage, support, and appreciate you for all that you are!

  1. Respect Your Land

Beach clean ups and sustainability efforts are the norm for island locals. They understand how important it is to keep the ecosystem healthy and thriving for future generations. Show a little aloha to wherever you live by taking great care of your environment, and great pride in your land.

  1. Show Your Shakas

Hawaii’s infamous shaka salute is aloha in action! This universal sign is used to spread love and good vibes to all. It’s the islands way of saying thank you, best wishes, or I’m sorry I just cut you off on the H-1. Make a conscious effort to put more positive energy into the world by sharing your smile and showing your shakas!

By now, your mainland mindset has been challenged by the truth— aloha is more than just a saying, it’s a spirit that lies within us all. You don’t have to be from the islands to embody aloha, we have the ability to bring that spirit to life through the choices we make, the love we give, and the way we treat the world around us.

How do you live aloha?


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.


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