Celebrate Your Silhouette: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

Celebrate Your Silhouette: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

It’s crazy to think a good portion of my younger years was spent obsessing over a boob job. I mean, I grew up in Orange County where plastic surgery is a right of passage for a girl on her 18th birthday, so I guess it’s really not that crazy.

Lucky for me, I’m horrible at saving money, so I was never able to set aside the $10,000 to go under the knife. Instead, I accepted my itty-bitty titties and learned how to love myself for all the other assets I was given (emphasis on the ass).

But I get it, this kind of self-love is a lot easier said than done.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness

A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness

Am I crazy or is everyday a celebration in the social media world?!

One day it’s #NationalDonutDay, and the next is #GlobalRunningDay, followed up with #WorldOceansDay and #NationalBestFriendsDay. So really, are you even surprised when I say today is #GlobalWellnessDay?!

And although it may seem super basic of me to partake in these hashtag holiday’s, I can’t help it, because this is the kind of digital fiesta I’m all game for.

Now when you hear the term “wellness” you might instantly think of gluten-free freaks with a weird obsession for kombucha and kale. However, as a true wellness junkie, I’m here to tell you all that stuff is bullshit!

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Suns Out “Bumz” Out

Suns Out “Bumz” Out

Being fortunate enough to spend my free-time in a bikini, I’ve come to discover these itty bitty pieces of fashion help radiate an alluring sense of confidence in myself.

I admire the bikini designers that encourage us badass mermaids to embrace the beautiful bodies we have been given — and lucky for me, I’m able to call one of these rad designers a friend.

My girl Kaitlin Nagel fully embodies the essence of a beach babe, so naturally, her passions for travel, artistry and fashion led to the creation of her very own swim line, Bumz Bikinis — and because this girl is the queen of gift giving, she surprised me with my very own pair to rock in Hawaii.

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Why I’m a Lush for Lush Cosmetics

Why I’m a Lush for Lush Cosmetics

You know what I love?!



But see, I’m not talking new designer watch kind of gifts, I’m talking those special little “just because” gifts. The ones that say, this reminded me of you.

Lately I’ve been on a face mask kick and was recently gifted a fresh handmade mask from Lush Cosmetics.

My Friend Stefan has been a devoted Lush customer for more than eight years, and believes in their product so much he couldn’t wait to share this kick ass gift with me.

Seeing his crush on lush instantly piqued my curiosity, what makes this brand so damn special?! Because let’s be real, anything that keeps a guy committed for 8 years has to be pretty damn special.


Alright, enough with the single girl stings, I’m here to give you the low down on Lush.

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Once You Go Backpack, You Never Go Back

Once You Go Backpack, You Never Go Back

Since leaving California I’ve made some major life changes to embrace the simple way of island living.

I’ve swapped forks for chopsticks, daily showers for quick dips in the ocean and my Michael Kors purse for a backpack.

At first I was skeptical saying good-bye to showers my glamorous handbag, however, history proves that some of the worlds greatest adventurers use a backpack.

Case in point…Dora the Explorer.

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