Once You Go Backpack, You Never Go Back

Since leaving California I’ve made some major life changes to embrace the simple way of island living.

I’ve swapped forks for chopsticks, daily showers for quick dips in the ocean and my Michael Kors purse for a backpack.

At first I was skeptical saying good-bye to showers my glamorous handbag, however, history proves that some of the worlds greatest adventurers use a backpack.

Case in point…Dora the Explorer.

“Backpack” is Dora’s ride or die chick that joins her on every wild adventure because she helps makes Dora’s life easier and more enjoyable.

From binoculars to masking tape (and even a creepy talking map) that purple bilingual sack loaded up with everything Dora needs to explore in style.

Now if only she can do something about those bangs.

All jokes aside, backpacks are designed to help you carry your belongings with comfort and ease.

If you are contemplating on bringing back the backpack trend, here are some of my faves that I’m currently drooling over.


1. Lulu’s Olive Lace: Not only is this bag a classy knockout, it’s also small and durable. The olive-green color compliments any and every outfit from hiking to happy hour.

2. Billabong Campfire Dayz: Billabong captures the essence of island style with this tribal print number. The size is ideal for packing up all your beach day necessities; sunscreen, towel, diving mask and bomb ass sandwiches.

3. Herschel Supply Co. Settlement: Like Dora, this is my partner in crime for every island adventure and it’s the perfect pop of color. Seriously…people can spot me on my moped from a mile away when I’m rocking this guy.

4. Carrot Company Floral Print Mint Canvas: I die for anything mint green and the floral design gives this backpack an elegant vintage feel.

5. Aeropostale Crochet: This little number is more fashion than function but it’s a beaut for those long school days if you can manage to keep it crisp and clean (on the contrary, I like to think dirt and stains add character).

Take it from me Dora once you go backpack, you never go back.

Seriously, who knew a 7-year-old Latina girl could be such a trend setter.

xx Aletas y Besos,

La Sirena

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