So Juicy

I know this may sound a little cray, but Whole Foods is one of those places that inspires me be healthy and kick ass at life.

With all the organic goodness this neighborhood market has to offer, it’s easy for a mermaid to lose herself while wandering in a sea of fresh produce.

Spending a typical Saturday night in my single-girl yoga pants, roaming the aisles of this inspirational paradise, a 2 for $9 sale sign, a rainbow display of fresh pressed juice caught my eye.

The vibrant colors of green and blue, intertwined with tropical hues of orange and red piqued my curiosity to explore the tiny treasure that is Suja Juice.


Suja juices are certified Organic, Non-GMO &  flourishing with health benefits, but the real reason I fell in love with this heavenly juice was their motivational story to success.

Suja, meaning long beautiful life, began with two college drop outs who shared a passion for living an active and healthy lifestyle. Their passion, and overall way of life, eventually led to a greater purpose.

(not to toot my own horn but…) There’s something special about people who have enough confidence in themselves to discover what makes them happy and just go for it.

Self-taught chef, Eric Ethans, and yoga instructor, Annie Lawless, began with a simple mission to offer a delicious, nutrient-dense, life-changing liquid to those with specific health needs.

They set out on their mission with a very basic business plan:

  1. Purchase locally grown organic ingredients from (you guessed it) Whole Foods.
  2. Prepare & package the homemade juice in empty coconut-water bottles.
  3. Sell it door-to-door.

It wasn’t about making a fortune off of the idea, it was about two people who wanted to help others achieve a well-balanced way of life. They found enjoyment in the project simply because they were making a difference.

As they continued with their homemade juice venture, they crossed paths with entrepeneurs, James Brennan and Jeff Church. The experienced business men eventually invested in the product because they recognized what Suja represented and believed in the concept enough to help it grow.


and grown it has.

Suja was recently named #3 in Forbes Most Promising Companies of 2014.

Today, the juicing operation produces a wide variety of refreshingly tasty flavors through their three trademarked lines; Suja Classic, Suja Elements and Suja Essentials.

This tiny treasure can be found exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide.

Suja Conserve

…and in case you were still wondering why I spend my Saturday nights at Whole Foods why Whole Foods inspires me to be a better person, the reason is simple.

Their influential voice is used to showcase the talents of every local badass out there taking risks, making a difference and standing up for what they believe in.

Image-1 copy

Not only does Suja Juice fuel my runners body with a wide range of essential nutrients, their story provides motivation to fuel my passions by doing whatever it is that makes me happy.

Can I get a cold-pressed cheers to that?!

Shake Well.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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