Wildcard Game of Love

As I sit here under the luminescent full moon on the eve of (yet another single) Valentine’s Day, I feel vunerable enough inspired to share my very own love story.

photo 1

There was a badass mermaid who wanted to fall in love on an exotic island (think Brooke Shields circa Blue Lagoon).

No but really, as strange as it sounds, falling in love really was one of the many things I hoped to encounter on my island journey.

I’m a hopeless romantic living in one of the most whimsical places in the world…can you blame me?

I wasn’t looking for a title, I didn’t want a ring, I just wanted to experience a passionate love.

and then BAM. Just like that, I was on the back of a crimson red Harley in route to the North Shore with the wind in my hair, holding tight to the chiseled abs of my “Wildcard”. Spending the day on a secluded beach feeding each other grapes like a scene straight out of a TRL top 10 music video.

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I crossed another monument off my bucket list.

But was it true love, or was it the Harley fantasy of it all?

I may be optimistic, but I’m not naive.

Although those infamous three word were never spoken, there was something there.

I could feel it in the comfort of our silence, and I could see it in the way he looked at me with such admiration.

…and how can you not love me?! (you laugh because it’s true)

Let’s cut to the chase, this modern-day fairytale doesn’t have the “and they lived happily ever after” ending but like I said, I’m optimistic and through it all I’ve learned these important rules in the game of love:

 + Build a Foundation

The love I have for my Wildcard didn’t happen over night, it started as two friends who shared a similar interest in dirty jokes and photo bombing Japanese tourists. We were parters-in-crime so we didn’t have to put on a show or worry about impressing each other we were able to just be.

Falling in love is like building a house, it’s important to start with a strong foundation and in order to build a strong foundation each piece of wood must be able to stand on its own, especially before hammering in it in…that’s what she said.

(I told you I love dirty jokes).

 + Appreciation vs. Expectation

My Wildcard earned the nickname Wildcard because when we made plans I never knew if he would actually follow through or not. Our never-ending game of chase taught me the value of appreciating the time we had, rather than expecting it.

By loving someone with no expectations you learn to enjoy the love for what it simply is, making it almost impossible to feel the sting of disappointment.

 + Find Someone Who Motivates You To Be a Better Person.

The more time I spent falling in love with my Wildcard the more I found myself wanting to read, write, adventure and really experience all the awesomeness life has to offer. He opened my eyes to reddit a new reality, challenging me to explore the world with endless curiosity.

Growth is able to provide love with more meaning leading to an even deeper connection. In hopes of growing together, rather than apart, it is important to be with someone who will inspire you to be your best self.

+ There is a Difference Between What You Want, and What You Deserve

My Wildcard has left me with nothing but the whimsical fantasy of what used to be our reality, and that is totally fine because I love myself enough to understand I’m fucking awesome the difference between what I want, and what I deserve.

As much as I want to spend my time sitting on cliff tops underneath a night sky of shooting stars with my charismatic dream of a Wildcard, I know I deserve a man who is courageous enough to take a chance on love.

“And SHE lived happily ever after”

photo 2

Now let us celebrate this day of love with the things that really matter; chocolate, pizza, cabernet and my sweatpants.

Happy Valentine’s Day

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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