Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

Today at school Zach said my hair looked nice. I fricking died. I hope he asks me to the dance next week, he is so hot.

They also served pizza for lunch in the cafeteria. It was the best day ever! 



If you count my Jr. High days, journaling has been a passion of mine for quite a while now.

As time quickly escapes us, I’ve discovered that journaling is the most kick ass way to simply slow down life and actually take it all in.

Not to mention, it’s kind of incredible having the power to watch myself grow through my very own eyes.

Journaling is this bizarre time warp in which your present self can talk to your future self, and your future self is one day able to listen to your past self.

Now tell me that’s not some magical shit right there.

If you want to take advantage of this crazy ass concept, here are some tips to help you begin (and stick with) your own journaling journey.

photo 2

 + Buy a Journal


No but really, splurge and buy yourself the most flawless journal that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere (you never know when inspiration will strike) and if you always have it with you, you will always be reminded to write your little heart out.

 + Write Down your Goals

From extravagant dreams like becoming a best-selling author to smaller routine goals like make a stranger smile everyday. Writing down your ambitions helps narrow your focus and gives you a better understanding of all the cool shit you want out of life. Eventually helping you reach the fulfillment of your own personal success.

Start your journal by writing down five goals you’d like to accomplish at one point in your life, along with five goals that will challenge you to become a better person.

 + Give Thanks

I make it a point to take note of all the elements in life I have to be thankful for. This journaling tactic will help you be present and thrive in the good things that already exist in your life. I’m warning you though, when you begin to appreciate what you already have, be prepared to have even more amazingness headed your way.

On days where you are suffering from writers block try journaling up an entry on one thing you are thankful for. Then elaborate on all the reasons why it makes you happy!

 + Encourage Yourself

What better way to feel empowered than hearing about how awesome you are from your own awesome self?!  Through journaling I am constantly reminding myself of my strength, ambition, drive, charisma (and basically just how much of an all-around badass I am).

Try ending every entry with a little self praise and always encourage yourself to keep going.

 + Listen to Your Intuition

The most kick ass part about keeping a journal is going back and reading it. Being able to watch yourself grow through your own eyes is the perfect reminder that you are doing it, and you knew you were capable of doing it all along (whatever “it” may be).

When you take the time to listen your inner voice you feel motivated and confident to put all these dreams into action.


The way I see it, journaling is a remarkable way to believe in yourself.

And when you believe in yourself anything is possible.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid


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