Let It Go, Let It Flow

Serious question — am I the only one not really feeling this new year vibe?! With as much as I wish to proclaim, “2018 will be my year!” Deep down I know not to hold my breath. As a matter of fact, I actually plan to breathe more. Rather than suffocating myself with the pressure of […]

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Since Moving To Hawaii

Airplanes are a crazy kind of situation, you’re neither in the place you’ve been, nor in the place you’re going. You are above the world at peace, reflecting on the experiences you’ve encountered while manifesting the possibility of what’s yet to come. Two Five years ago, as I traveled through the clouds in route to my next […]

Island Fever

When I made the bold decision to migrate back to the mainland I was bombarded with some pretty typical questions, my favorite one being, “Did you ever get island fever?” Good ‘ol Google defines island fever as, “the phenomena of feeling claustrophobic from the close proximity of each shoreline, and feeling disconnected from the outside […]