Luck Of The Mermaid: How to Manifest Good Fortune

It doesn’t matter if it’s juicy tarot card readings, or a fortune cookie from Panda Express. I’m small kine obsessed with knowing what the future holds, so are you surprised at the fact I’m going to tell you a casual story about my trip to the fortune-teller?

It was six months ago, at a point in my life where I began to feel a little lost and confused.

I was looking for answers to some questions I couldn’t quite put my finger fin on, so I figured who better to turn to than a Psychic?! And if her creepy collection of porcelain gnomes was any indication, this lady was the real deal.

As I held out my palm for her to read, she hit some things pretty close to the heart. But what stuck with me the most was the moment she said, “You are someone who has had many opportunities.”

Between bullshitting my way to free stay at Puerto Rico’s #1 bed and breakfast, landing the internship of my 22-year-old dreams, and finding myself in the VIP section at Coachella, there is no denying I’ve had many of circumstances play out in my favor.

However, these experiences it weren’t by chance, my mermaid luck has been manifested into my life by what I do on the reg.

So what the hell is manifesting, you ask?!

Well my sea sister, manifesting means believing something into truth, and trust me when I say it goes way beyond crafting up a vision board. It requires taking action towards your dreams everyday, while having faith in a higher power.

But if you are willing to put in the work, I guarantee your world will be filled with the kind of luck that has your psychic feeling green with envy.

Here are 3 ways to manifest more good fortune into your life like a mermaid.


1. Live to Give

Karma is the real deal people, and it doesn’t always mean being bit in the ass after doing something wrong. Karma also comes back around when you do good stuff too! So the next time you see someone asking for change on the street, or a friend that needs a helping hand, find it in your heart to give what you can. The karma gods will reward you with incredible experiences as way to give back for your good deed!

2. Spring Clean Your Life

Take a look at the space around you, is it open and organized, or suffocating you with useless shit you haven’t used in years? We accumulate so much junk throughout our lives that we have no real purpose for. Cleaning out your closet full of clutter and finally letting go of that pair of jeans you haven’t worn since freshman year of college, opens you up to the opportunity for more.

3. Don’t Give Up

Whatever experience you wish for in life, don’t ever stop working for it! Sometimes the universe puts challenges in our way to test our perseverance and faith, because what sets “lucky” mermaids apart from the “unlucky” is their determination.

To the average fortune-teller, it might seem as if fate is on my side and everything has a way of working out for me. Well let me be the first to say, for every door of opportunity that has opened for me, 10 more have been shut in my face — but I never give up.

I do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality. Even if that means a visit to the neighborhood psychic to remind me of all the opportunities I have to be thankful for.

And if my past is any indication of my future, it’s going to be pretty prosperous.

Well, I think I finally got the answer I was looking for.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mermaids, may luck be on your side today and everyday!


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.








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