Never Grow Up, Never Give Up

Never Grow Up, Never Give Up

While my ego believed the motive for moving back to California was in search of more opportunity, deep down, my heart knew this change was for a different reason.

It took a while to quiet the mind and figure out what my heart was trying to tell me, but the moment I was finally able to hear my heart speak it’s truth, was the moment my nephew looked at me for the very first time.

Needless to say, I cried like a little bitch (and I’m still crying like a little bitch as I try to put this memory into words, so bear with me here— ok?)

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They say if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

So just to be on the safe side, I’ve built like 12.

From beer babe pursuits to #GennahRation movements and everything in-between, it’s no secret I’m a creator of opportunity. But every time I hear a knock at one of my metaphorical doors, it’s almost as if opportunity is ding-dong ditching me like a shitty little teenager.

That was until recently, when I received an e-mail of hope.

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Mermaid Of The Month: Fit Andy

Mermaid Of The Month: Fit Andy

What began as an Instagram obsession, blossomed into a genuine friendship the moment my girl Fit Andy let me in on a big secret she was keeping.

“I’m pregnant!” she screamed with the giddiest smile on her face.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more inspired by this badass babe, the confidence she carried while gearing up for this next life chapter was incredibly admirable.

While many women (mainly me) freak the fuck out at the thought of having a bun in the oven, I knew Andy was more than ready to rock her baby bump and start using the #FitMom hashtag on the reg.

I mean yeah she was pregnant, but she wasn’t going to let a growing baby slow her down.

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Island Fever

Island Fever

When I made the bold decision to migrate back to the mainland I was bombarded with some pretty typical questions, my favorite one being, “Did you ever get island fever?”

Good ‘ol Google defines island fever as, the phenomena of feeling claustrophobic from the close proximity of each shoreline, and feeling disconnected from the outside world.”

Now anyone that knows me knows how much I love sitting on the shoreline and being disconnected from the world, so to answer your annoying question— No, I didn’t get island fever.

If anything, I became a little lost.

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Don’t Be a Fool, Be a Wildcard

Don’t Be a Fool, Be a Wildcard

In the game of cards, it’s the joker.

In the game of sports, it’s the underdog.

And in the game of life, it’s someone who plays by their own rules.

Wildcards are confident  characters that take risky chances, believing the odds are in their favor. They are unpredictable, untamed, and maybe even a little unsettled.

But you know what?

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Luck Of The Mermaid: How to Manifest Good Fortune

Luck Of The Mermaid: How to Manifest Good Fortune

It doesn’t matter if it’s juicy tarot card readings, or a fortune cookie from Panda Express. I’m small kine obsessed with knowing what the future holds, so are you surprised at the fact I’m going to tell you a casual story about my trip to the fortune-teller?

It was six months ago, at a point in my life where I began to feel a little lost and confused.

I was looking for answers to some questions I couldn’t quite put my finger fin on, so I figured who better to turn to than a Psychic?! And if her creepy collection of porcelain gnomes was any indication, this lady was the real deal.

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