A Mermaid & A Gemini Podcast

One day, many moons ago, my life-long bestie told me she wanted to start a podcast.

I immediately thought, “WTF is a podcast?!”

Kalisa always keeps me in the know, about everything I need to know. So after doing my research, and figuring out WTF a podcast actually was, I instantly became obsessed.

Fast-forward three years and here we are today, doing the damn thing!

Introducing, A Mermaid & A Gemini: Soul Talks With Your Soul Sistas.

IMG_0114 copy

Part spiritual, part sassy  — A Mermaid & A Gemini is our latest passion project inspired by our decade long friendship. Kalisa has been my right hand woman since the ripe age of 17, and together we have been supporting each other through life. From career milestones to messy break-ups, and everything in between, our friendship has been though it all.

Now, we want to welcome you into our sisterhood!

Join us every Wednesday as we dish on motivation, inspiration and self-love, all while trying to navigate around fuck boys, shitty friends and straight up #Adulting.

So how do you listen?!

Well I’m glad you asked because not only can you tune-in on iTunes here, we also have our website that streams all the episodes. Also, feel free to hit up the contact section and let us know what YOU want to talk about, because we are here for you sista!

I have no idea where this new creative venture will lead, but I will tell you one thing, I love doing this with my best friend. Kalisa is such a talented, innovative and witty ass beezie, I’m seriously honored to stand by her side as she brings this podcasting dream to life.


I love you sista, no homo.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.

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