Run Surf City Recap

The Surf City Marathon will always have a special place in my heart.

After crossing the finish line last Super Bowl Sunday, not only did I feel like a champion, I also discovered that happiness isn’t about where you are, it’s about what you do.

I’m not going to lie, I slipped into a low-key depression after letting go of Hawaii, but those runs along the California Coast brought a special spark back into my life. They reminded me of what fills my heart with joy, and helped me focus on doing more of the shit that makes me happy!

Fast forward to this years race and I’m kind of in awe.

Not because I knocked a couple of minutes off my time, but because of how much life has transformed by staying true to my happiness.

Since making the conscious effort to run, write, and watch the sunset every chance I get, I feel more at peace with where I am in my life right now. I have been working hard creating opportunities for myself, I have been meeting like-minded people who are challenging me to open up more, and I got a new job with a killer view that reminds me to be thankful every damn day.

As a matter of fact, this job was just a dream when I crossed the finish line last year and it’s crazy to see that I have received everything I was yearning for.

Which brings me to this years running revelation.

While cruising 13.1 miles of the scenic Surf City course, this time around I discovered, change takes time. It’s easy to set a goal, make a wish, or dream a dream, but the real challenge comes from practicing patience, being persistent, and having faith.

The change from mermaid to mainlander was a tough transition, however, I was patient with myself, persistent in my efforts, and trusted in the Universe’s plan. Eventually my heart led me to Huntington Beach where I am beginning to make a name for myself.

Although I often ask myself the age-old question of “WTF am I doing?”

Moments like this is when I am reminded, I’m doing what makes me happy!


So what if I’m not EXACTLY where I wish to be in life right now, I know that will come in time.

Now I want to know, what makes you happy, and how can you begin to live that happiness true every chance you get?


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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