Spacecake Soundtrack: My Solar Eclipse Playlist

Spacecake Soundtrack: My Solar Eclipse Playlist

As a girl with her head always in the clouds, do you really think I would have missed out on watching the phenomenal #SolarEclipse2017?!

Well believe it, because while some people ventured across the country to witness this once in a lifetime experience— in true Gennah fashion, I totally spaced.

I literally walked into the store for two minutes, and next thing you know, the historical moment is trending over Snapchat Insta-Story with its very own hashtag. After dealing with the initial FOMO, I soon discovered, just because I didn’t see it, doesn’t mean I couldn’t feel it.

Thanks to the magic of music, I was inspired to make a psychedelic playlist filled with stellar songs and trans-y tunes to help connect with all the high vibes surrounding me.

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#RunMalibu Playlist

#RunMalibu Playlist

Would you believe me if I told you I ran my first full marathon with zero training?!

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I bought a number off Craigslist two days before the race and ran as Lilly Lee, a 38-year old from Honolulu Hawaii. Of course everyone told me I was insane for randomly deciding to run 26.2 miles, but honestly, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I knew I was fully capable of conquering this personal challenge, because I was able to imagine myself at the finish line, sipping on champagne and smashing some malasadas with a shiny medal around my neck.

Then on race day, after 5 hours and 45 minutes of running, I did just that.

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Mermaid of the Month: Hillary Agra

Mermaid of the Month: Hillary Agra

We’ve heard it time and time again, the age-old saying— “happiness is a choice.” 

But like, WTF does it even mean?!

Yeah it’s the ultimate caption for an epic sunset pic on Instagram, but I’m pretty sure happiness is the last choice you want to make while suffering from the pain of death, drowning in a shit ton of credit card debt, stuck in traffic on the 405, or facing whatever curve ball life throws your way.

I believe the whole “happiness is a choice” thing, is a lot easier said than done.

Although (I must say) my girl Hillary fully embodies this life mantra and has opened my eyes to what it truly means to choose happiness.

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Mermaid Munchies: Seaweed Spaghetti

Mermaid Munchies: Seaweed Spaghetti

Ever since I was a mini mermaid, I’ve had a tiny obsession with spaghetti.

No joke, it was the dinner of choice for all my childhood birthday parties. Every year I celebrated at The Spaghetti Factory slurpin’ up all that meaty goodness and getting drunk off Shirley Temples.

Pasta makes my mini mermaid heart happy, but at the same time, my adulting metabolism is saying, “Come on Gennah, let’s eat more veggies.” Well, thanks to my new favorite kitchen gadget, I’ve been able to feed my soul with the comfort of spaghetti, and refuel my body with the benefits of greens.

Feast your hungry eyes on the #foodporn that is Seaweed Spaghetti.

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13.1 Reasons to Date a Runner

13.1 Reasons to Date a Runner

With as much as I would love to be a yogi, busting out headstands like it’s NBD, or a rad surfer that shreds waves like a pro. The reality is, I’m a marathon junkie who conquers finish line after self-accomplishing finish line like a true badass.

Seriously, nothing gets me more hot and bothered than running, however not very many people can “get off” on a 13.1 (let alone 26.2) mile race. I get it, the whole marathon thing is kind of intimidating, which I like to think is why I’ve been single for as long as I’ve been a runner.

I mean, I guess it could also be the stank-ness that fills the air after I return home from a run, or possibly the fact that I’m ALWAYS eating (literally, always).

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Badass Beats: Surf City Edition

Badass Beats: Surf City Edition

Between having my mom as a roommate and saying goodbye to my year round tan, transition from mermaid to mainlander has been a far cry from your typical “happily ever after.”

I’m not going to lie, I slipped into a low-key depression after letting go of life in Hawaii. I mean think about it, people dread facing the real world after spending a week away in paradise. Now imagine coming back to “reality” after a casual 4 year vay-cay?!

My world lost a bit of magic when I moved back to California, so naturally, I couldn’t help but feel I lost a little bit of magic in myself.

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Mermaid Munchies: Fatty Green Smoothie Bowl

Mermaid Munchies: Fatty Green Smoothie Bowl

Stoner or not, I think we can all agree that nothing hits the spot quite like a fatty bowl of greens in the morning.

I get it, waking and baking isn’t everyone’s thing — that’s cool. Lucky for you, I have another way to grind up some greens and pack fatty bowl that’s guaranteed to give you a feel good high.

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