5 Reasons Why Running Really Sucks

Being a runner is a secret I always keep to myself when meeting new people. It’s almost as if every time I share that fun fact with others, their initial reaction is the typical, “I hate running!” 

“That’s cool. Did I ask?” 

I mean, I get it.

Running sucks. 

Even as a runner I have come to dread the sport, however it’s not for the reasons you believe to be true. Running doesn’t suck because it’s boring, or because it’s bad for the knees, running sucks because of these five reasons. 


1. Mastering Your Mindset

Running is a game of mind over matter. An internal battle between showing up and giving up, that challenges you to focus on how good you feel, rather than how much it hurts. Every run is an endless pep talk to keep pushing till the end, and let’s be real, it’s tough to achieve that kind of mental strength. 

2. It’s Expensive

Although running doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, it does call for a solid pair of shoes, which is guaranteed to leave your credit card steaming. Throw in race fees, training clinics, and running gear, it adds up to be a pretty pricy sport— making it a suck for both you and your bank account.  

3. Comparison Trap

When people share their pace times on Instagram, or brag about their number of miles achieved, it’s easy to think you aren’t good enough. Comparison is killer when it comes to running, and sometimes you can’t help but doubt your ability. But remember, you are in competition with no one but yourself (which leads me to reason no. 4).

4. The Need to Improve

In the game of running you have an endless goal of being better than before. However, not every race will be your best, which is super frustrating when you spend countless months training. It’s a shitty feeling to think you aren’t making any progress in your running game, but don’t let expectations keep you from celebrating all your hard work. 

5. You Can’t Stop

The real reason running sucks is because once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop (I blame the addictive runner’s high and constant carbo-loading). For the last handful of years I’ve been telling myself every race would be my last, but for some reason I’m having a hard time letting it go. 


Although the comparison trap often gets me down, and I have a hard time putting my money where my mouth is. Running gives me the clarity my mind craves, the strength my body needs, and the ability to challenge myself in new ways.

Running has become a big part of who I am today, which is why I always hold back sharing this side of me with others. It hurts to hear people put down my passion, and unless you are a runner I don’t expect you to truly understand. 

Because not to sound like a salty mer-bitch or anything (but…) if you don’t run, then how are you supposed to know if it really sucks?


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Running Mermaid.

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