5 Reasons Why Running Really Sucks

Being a runner is a secret I always keep to myself when meeting new people. It’s almost as if every time I share that fun fact with others, their initial reaction is the typical, “I hate running!”  “That’s cool. Did I ask?”  I mean, I get it. Running sucks.  Even as a runner I have […]


They say if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. So just to be on the safe side, I’ve built like 12. From beer babe pursuits to #GennahRation movements and everything in-between, it’s no secret I’m a creator of opportunity. But every time I hear a knock at one of my metaphorical doors, it’s almost as […]

My Ultimate Finish Line: 7 Ways To Run Through Life Like A Badass Mermaid

Two days ago, I eagerly aged into a 26-year-old Mermaid woman. It’s not usually typical for someone to be so stoked on turning the random age of 26, but in case you haven’t realized, I’m not your typical individual. I’m a marathon runner, and this specific birthday celebration is pretty monumental to me because today, I […]