Spacecake Soundtrack: My Solar Eclipse Playlist

As a girl with her head always in the clouds, do you really think I would have missed out on watching the phenomenal #SolarEclipse2017?!

Well believe it, because while some people ventured across the country to witness this once in a lifetime experience— in true Gennah fashion, I totally spaced.

I literally walked into the store for two minutes, and next thing you know, the historical moment is trending over Snapchat Insta-Story with its very own hashtag. After dealing with the initial FOMO, I soon discovered, just because I didn’t see it, doesn’t mean I couldn’t feel it.

Thanks to the magic of music, I was inspired to make a psychedelic playlist filled with stellar songs and trans-y tunes to help connect with all the high vibes surrounding me.

I call it my Spacecake Soundtrack.

Once I started blasting these beats and scrolling through statuses, I soon realized I didn’t really miss out on much. Unless you were in Oregon tripping on shrooms, it seemed like a glorified day moon. Sorry not sorry, but that’s the kind of beauty this spacecake admires everyday, not every 100 years.

From beaming stars and firey sunsets, to roaring oceans and drifting clouds, our day-to-day routine is filled with the unexplainable energy of our universe— but how often do we really take the time to connect with it all?

For me, it wasn’t about watching the actual eclipse, as much as it was about feeling the energy shift from the shadow of our moon to the light of our sun.

If you were lucky enough to experience #SolarEclipse2017 I hope it opened your eyes to the fact this world is flourishing with a sense of life and purpose far beyond our own existence.




And if you missed it, then just keep jamming out to this playlist and keep your head in the clouds.

It’s better up here anyways.

xx Fins & Kisses,


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