Get Your “OM” On: How To Begin a Meditation Practice

Sitting in stillness for a handful of minutes sounds simple enough right!? The inner peace that comes along with shutting off the mind and connecting with your breath makes meditation a real no-brainer.

But why is it so damn hard to welcome this beneficial practice into our daily grind?

Research from Stanford University’s associate director for the Center of Compassion, Emma Seppälä,  shows that including meditation into your everyday life increases happiness, reduces stress, improves concentration and even slows down the process of aging. It has the power to connect us with the present moment while opening our minds to receiving unlimited information and ideas.

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say meditation is pure magic.

However, I personally understand how hard it can be to in the groove of this major lifestyle change. Whether you have trouble slowing down your anxious brain, or feel like there’s not enough time in your jam-packed day, I’m here to help you jump on the meditation bandwagon, so you too can reap the mind-blowing benefits of this magical habit.

Here are four simple ways to begin cultivating your own meditation practice.

+ Start Small

All it takes is 3-5 minutes of practice on a regular basis to notice a major shift in your life. Over time your mind, body, and spirit will begin to crave it. I recommend getting your “OM” on first thing in the morning to begin your day feeling centered and grounded, ready to make the most of your precious time.

+ Get Outside

The best way to begin your meditation practice is to get outside and connect with the energy around you. Focus on the wind dancing through your hair, tune into the birds chirping cheerfully, imagine the warmth of the sun pouring into your heart, and breathe in all the beauty of that very moment. Sitting in stillness opens your senses to the energy of a higher power and if you take the time to connect with that every day, it will stay within throughout your life journey.

+ Find Guidance

If you are having a hard time zoning out I recommend using a guided meditation. I like to think of it as training wheels for your practice, then as you begin to feel more comfortable in your new habit, you can ditch the soundtrack and get om-ing on your own. There are countless apps and downloadable series to lead you into oblivion, some of my favorites include; Headspace, Calmness, and Smiling Minds.

+ Make a Mantra

The hardest part of meditation is shutting off your mind. However, by focusing on a personal mantra you will be able to get a better grasp on your thoughts and channel your energy to believing in your words. Find an affirmation, quote or word that you wish to live up to, then make that the only idea floating in your head during your meditation sesh.

We come from a technology driven era, so this precious practice of meditation is needed now more than ever. It’s important to disconnect from the constant distraction surrounding us and focus on connecting to the power within.

If you want to hold a feeling of harmony in your heart, I recommend beginning your meditation practice ASAP—but let’s not forget, it’s a practice. Some days will put you in the zone, while others will leave you feeling restless. If you continue to show up every day while having patience with yourself, the magic will follow.

Happy meditating Mermaids!

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.

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