Mermaid Munchies: Seaweed Spaghetti

Ever since I was a mini mermaid, I’ve had a tiny obsession with spaghetti.

No joke, it was the dinner of choice for all my childhood birthday parties. Every year I celebrated at The Spaghetti Factory slurpin’ up all that meaty goodness and getting drunk off Shirley Temples.

Pasta makes my mini mermaid heart happy, but at the same time, my adulting metabolism is saying, “Come on Gennah, let’s eat more veggies.” Well, thanks to my new favorite kitchen gadget, I’ve been able to feed my soul with the comfort of spaghetti, and refuel my body with the benefits of greens.

Feast your hungry eyes on the #foodporn that is Seaweed Spaghetti.


Whether you’re trying to watch your carb intake, or being annoying and jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon, this recipe is perfect for anyone looking to add more veggies to their diet. The noodles are made out of zucchini and tossed in an avocado pesto sauce — so much yum!

First things first, do yourself the favor and get your hands on a spiralizer. They are anywhere from $10 to $30 and pretty much the best thing ever, because you can turn any veggie into a bowl of noodles like magic!

Then, gather up all the other ingredients and let’s get cooking.


+ Sauté Noodles Zoodles 

After you spiralize the zucchini, sauté them with olive oil for 3-5 minutes. There are tons of different ways to cook the noodles, but in a pan on medium heat is the quickest and easiest way.

Zucchini is made up of 95% water so don’t worry if your noodles turn out a little soggy. Toss them in a strainer, sprinkle with a little salt and be sure to keep a paper towel handy to soak up the access water.

Or you can skip the cooking all together and enjoy your pasta cold— trust me, it’s just as bomb.

+ Blend Up Sauce

If you have a food processor, way to take your kitchen game seriously. If not, welcome to the club. I threw the avocado, basil, garlic and lemon juice into my blender, whipped it up, then slowly added in the olive oil until the mix became smooth and creamy.

+ Bon Appétit

Toss together the zoodles and sauce, throw in your protein of choice, then sprinkle with some feta cheese and enjoy.

Seriously, It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Now I still carbo-load the whole wheat way before race day, but I love having this lighter and healthier option during the week. It’s the perfect go-to recipe for girls night, or you can get your Lady and the Tramp on and enjoy it over a candlelight dinner with your man.

Either way, this dish makes me feel like I’m five-years-old again, the only thing missing is a Shirley Temple with extra cherries (and maybe a bib).


Have you tried any other veggie noodles? Share your recipe in the comments below and let me know what you think!

Happy Munching!

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.







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