8 Life Lessons From A 28-Year-Old Mermaid

8 Life Lessons From A 28-Year-Old Mermaid

In the life of a Mermaid everyday is one big celebration, but today is extra special.

Partially because a good deal of the world is in constant chill mode, but mainly because today marks another fabulous year in the life of Gennah Rodriguez.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy growing another year older.

Why you ask? Because with age comes wisdom— duh.

You live and you learn. It’s that simple.

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Dear 2017,

Dear 2017,

Hey 2017, how goes it?

It’s Gennah here, writing to you for some answers.

You, of all the years, have seen how patiently I’ve been waiting, and how hard I’ve been working to shine bright like the star I was born to be.

From pursuing big time beer drinking dreams, to my bold attempt at inspiring a new #GennahRation. It’s no secret, I’m known to put myself out there every chance I get.

I mean seriously, I’ve even been ballsy enough to jump on a couple of airplanes and chase around the D show some special friends how I really feel.

You see, when an idea or vision comes to me, I go for it.

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