Dear 2017,

Hey 2017, how goes it?

It’s Gennah here, writing to you for some answers.

You, of all the years, have seen how patiently I’ve been waiting, and how hard I’ve been working to shine bright like the star I was born to be.

From pursuing big time beer drinking dreams, to my bold attempt at inspiring a new #GennahRation. It’s no secret, I’m known to put myself out there every chance I get.

I mean seriously, I’ve even been ballsy enough to jump on a couple of airplanes and chase around the D show some special friends how I really feel.

You see, when an idea or vision comes to me, I go for it.

A pageant? Why not.

An audition for Disney Cruise Line? Let’s go.

Oh Ellen is hiring? Might as well try.

My crush is going to Maui? Haaayyyyy.

I’m not a dreamer as much as I’m a do-er and in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of shit lately.

But, like —why isn’t anything working?

Sorry 2017. I didn’t really mean to drop a major truth bomb on you like that, because deep down I know the truth. I’m not supposed to be a flight attendant,  or an entertainment host, or the next big YouTube star.

So can you do me a favor and tell your friends, 2015 and 2016, it’s not their fault they sucked so hard. I totally get why they were never able to gift me the opportunity to take on any of these other roles, because that’s not who I really am.

We both know, I was born to be a Mermaid.

Alright, well…I guess that answers, my question.

Now I’m not too sure how our time together will play out, but I promise you this, I will finally allow my true self to shine. I will start owning up to my talents, my beauty, and my creative mind with confidence. I will stop letting the validation from others keep me from experiencing the life I was meant to lead. I will put an end to the dick chase love hunt, and focus on sharing my heart with those who crave it. I will free myself from the pressure of expectation by doing more of the shit that makes me happy like running, writing and motivating the world around me.

And most importantly, I will put my faith in you, because just like your friends of the past, you know what’s best for me and I’m trusting in you as I venture through the journey of another fabulous year in the life of Gennah Rodriguez a Mermaid.

So are you ready 2017? Let’s do the damn thing.

With love,

The Mermaid.


(also, I will focus on getting my arms looking like this on the reg. for you 2017.)

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