The Comeback Queen

So let’s pick up where we last left off, the finish line.

As I set out on the journey of another fabulous year in the life of Gennah Rodriguez, honestly I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was my starting line involved a one way ticket to Puerto Rico, and my finish line would be around 10 a.m. on December 13, 2015 at The Honolulu Marathon.

Here I am 365 days later reflecting on a year more painful than my chaffed ass.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.07.17 PM

Rewind to a year ago today, I was beaming with joy at the thought of making a little name for myself as The Running Mermaid. And yet, for some reason after experiencing that self-accomplishing moment in life, I was ready to let go of it all — my comfortable job, my dreamy home and even my badass blog.

I hopped on a plane to the island of enchantment in search of something more.

What was I looking for?

Shit if I know.

But do you know what I discovered?

The real reason my heart led me to experience a life in Hawaii.

With as much as I love to run, there is no running from the fact that I am a badass mermaid on a mission to help others believe in the magic of life.

Ok…so if I figured out that little fun fact of self, then why am I bitching about the painful struggle of my year?

Well my friend, I’m glad you asked, because I’m about to open up and tell you the cold hard truth. I haven’t been staying true to my purpose and have been chasing every opportunity that comes into sight. As a result, I’ve been swimming against the tide of my mermaid heart and drowning in a life untrue to myself.

Cue the term “growing pains”.

As painful as it is to open up and express this kind of vulnerability, its time for me to make the changes I need in order to continue my journey of growth on the right path.

(or in this case, running path.)

I know in my last post I got small kine dramatic and bid farewell to my Running Mermaid self, but every marathoner knows that your last race is never your last. Our hearts are too full of passion and our mind is too determined to let go of what truly brings us joy in life.

So with that being said, it’s time to gear up for another fabulous year in the life of a Mermaid.

Comeback Queen (1)

Let’s run it.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.

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