Badass Beats: Marathon Edition

With race day less than three weeks away, I’ve kicked my marathon training into full gear — like, I’m talking 5 a.m. runs kind of full gear.

So you want to hear a little story about my latest distance run?

Of course you do.

Last week, I woke my ass up with the rising sun, and set out for my final training run before the big race. I thought because I ate 3 servings of pasta lathered up with icy hot, I would be ready to take on a 20 mile run.

Boy was I wrong about that.

Not even three miles in and my body was already giving up on me. I continued encouraging myself to push through and find my groove, until the unthinkable happened, my music stopped working.

A running mermaid’s worst nightmare.

So there I was, 3 miles in and both my body and music decided to shut down on me. Feeling defeated, my stubborn self had no other option but to swallow my pride, head back home, and try again the next day.

(Emphasis on the try again, I’m a determined girl so there’s no way I was giving up that easy.)

After a day of a little R & R, I woke my ass up the following morning at 5 a.m. and set out to conquer that damn 20 miler.


Needless to say, I killed it — but I couldn’t have done it without my Badass Beats.

Music has the unique ability to transport us into another world, making it the key element of my running regimen.

The trance-y tunes, and the playful lyrics totally got me all pumped up, helping set the pace to kick some ass. Trust me when I say, this playlist is the perfect way to get lost in your thoughts and fully surrender yourself to a run.

And if for some odd reason you don’t believe me, (because who believes a mermaid?) then I challenge you to try it out for yourself.



In the wise words of Mr. Kanye West, “For me, giving up is way harder than trying”.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed in myself when I decided to throw in the towel. I knew I was capable of reaching my 20 mile finish line, but like life, some days are better than others, and on that day I just wasn’t feeling it.

But since I’m an optimistic mermaid, I took it as a lesson learned.

Part of being in tune with your body is to actually listen to what it’s telling you. If it’s sore, take the time to stretch. If it’s tired, take the time to rest, and if your stomach hurts, stop eating shit and try taking a shit.

Your body is an effing machine and you’d be surprised what you can accomplish by giving it the love it truly deserves.

With a solid 20 miler under my belt, and my Badass Beats playlist, I’m feeling more than ready to conquer my marathon three-peat along side 30,000 of my closest Japanese friends.


Finish Line

xx Fins & Kisses,
The Mermaid.


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