Kiss Me I’m A Mermaid : St. Patty’s Smoothie

Between the Irish car bombs, shepherd’s pie, and pints on pints on pints of green hued beer, St. Patrick’s Day is a drunken celebration that doesn’t exactly leave your waistline feeling very lucky the next day.

But lucky for us Merbabes, my girl Cassie Flynn over at Cucina Cutie created this festive holiday power green smoothie recipe, exclusively for my tribe of Badass Mermaids.

Cassie is queen of the kitchen so I was beyond stoked when she agreed to whip up a recipe for the blog. Ohh, and Cassie is training to kick ass in her first half marathon, so I mean it when I say this smoothie is totally approved to compliment The Running Mermaid lifestyle.

Kiss Me I'm A Mermaid

The Kiss Me I’m a Mermaid St. Patty’s Day smoothie is a pot of gold packed full of essential nutrients so you can begin your celebration feeling healthy, energized, and lean, rather than bloated with beef.

Smoothies are the ultimate way to fuel up in the morning, and make for a perfect post workout pick-me-up. Since I’m always on-the-go I very rarely have time to cook a meal, let alone chew it, so the fact smoothies are super easy to throw together makes my life run… smoother.

(Ha. Do you think that why they are called smoothies?)

Anyways, here is how you blend up Cassie’s healthy St. Patty’s Day treat that was specially created for the luckiest of Mermaids.


Add 1/2 cup of cold water and feel free to swap out the greek yogurt for a scoop of vanilla protein powder if that’s more of your smoothie style.

Layer ingredients all together with the bananas in the bottom, and the greens and protein powder on top. Then, lastly add the liquids and blend it up!

A big thanks to Cassie for sharing her holiday recipe and we both hope this lean, clean and green smoothie helps you get lucky this St. Patrick’s Day.

(or get pinched if that’s the kind of stuff you’re into.)

Enjoy your green smoothies and green beer today, because life is about balance — right?



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