Mermaid Of The Month: Fit Andy

Mermaid Of The Month: Fit Andy

What began as an Instagram obsession, blossomed into a genuine friendship the moment my girl Fit Andy let me in on a big secret she was keeping.

“I’m pregnant!” she screamed with the giddiest smile on her face.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more inspired by this badass babe, the confidence she carried while gearing up for this next life chapter was incredibly admirable.

While many women (mainly me) freak the fuck out at the thought of having a bun in the oven, I knew Andy was more than ready to rock her baby bump and start using the #FitMom hashtag on the reg.

I mean yeah she was pregnant, but she wasn’t going to let a growing baby slow her down.

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Mermaid of the Month: Shayla Hoheisel

Mermaid of the Month: Shayla Hoheisel

With the return of The Running Mermaid, comes the return of my favorite segment, Mermaid of the Month.

Whether they are dedicating their lives to protecting our environment, or encouraging others to make health and fitness a main priority. I love sharing the stories of ambitious women living life on their own terms, because I truly believes it inspires us all to get out there and do the damn thing!

Case in point, my girl Shayla from Living on a One Way.

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Mermaid of the Month: Fit Andy

Mermaid of the Month: Fit Andy

Passion is a feeling of desire that gives life a sense of purpose and meaning. It’s that feel good energy, fueling you with the confidence needed to conquer another day of perseverance and growth. It’s a unique spark hidden deep within that exudes as a glow of inspiration to the outside world.

Passion is a part of who you are— and when you have it, you have it— so trust me when I say, this girl has “it.”

Meet Andrea Arnold, better known in the running realm as, Fit Andy.

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Mermaid of the Month: Tracy Mullen

Mermaid of the Month: Tracy Mullen

This year, I decided to forget about my journalism degree and learn how to master the art of life through my own personal experience.

Sure I say it loud and proud now, but after making the ballsy move to become a college-dropout, I was filled with a sense of shame when friends asked me how school was going.

Until that one time my badass friend, Tracy Mullen, took the initiative and answered the intimidating question for me — “She’s majoring in Life 101.”

Tracy is the kind of woman who understands the importance in taking the time to experience life. She believes it’s what gives us the confidence, determination and strength needed to go for whatever it is your heart desires.

I was quickly drawn to her positive spirit, and raunchy sarcastic humor. So naturally we began to share our big-time dreams (and dirty jokes) with each other.

One day, Tracy explained how she came across the chance to study in Africa, working one-on-one with lions in their natural habitat.

However, like most opportunities there’s always that nagging little “but…” keeping us from fully believing we are capable of achieving our goals, and in this case it was the, “but…they only take graduate students.”

Do you think that stopped Tracy from applying!?

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Mermaid of the Month: Chelsea Yamase

Mermaid of the Month: Chelsea Yamase

In the eyes of a mainlander, life in Hawaii seems like an endless vacation, full of sunshine and surf. Even though we don’t have society’s typical nine-to-five doesn’t mean we don’t work.

In fact, the most driven people on these islands clock in at sunrise and hustle hard until the sunset. Take for instance, July’s Mermaid of the Month Chelsea Yamase.

Now if you haven’t herd of “Chelsea Kauai” do yourself a favor and step your Insta-game up.


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Mermaid of the Month: Keiki Lindo

Mermaid of the Month: Keiki Lindo

Happy May Lei Day Mermaids!

Every year on the first of May, the islands rejoice in a colorful celebration dedicated to its creative heritage.

Hawaii is more than a location of tropical paradise, it’s a thriving culture with its very own language, spirit, and overall way of life.

Of course the land is beyond beautiful, but I believe it is people of the land that make it so beautiful.

Case in point, May’s mermaid of the month Miss Keiki Lindo.

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Mermaid of the Month: Kayla Rae Reid

Mermaid of the Month: Kayla Rae Reid

Call me biased but in my opinion, April has always kind of been the raddest month of the year.

Reason being, it’s my birthday month. Duh.

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to binge drink reflect on your growth through the years.

So naturally, with my celebration of life right around the corner, I began thinking, ”What was my little mermaid self doing five years ago?”

Ohh that’s right, I was taking the stage to our nations most prestigious college dance & cheer competitions with my fellow teammate and April’s Mermaid of the Month, Kayla Rae Reid.

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