Mermaid of the Month: Keiki Lindo

Happy May Lei Day Mermaids!

Every year on the first of May, the islands rejoice in a colorful celebration dedicated to its creative heritage.

Hawaii is more than a location of tropical paradise, it’s a thriving culture with its very own language, spirit, and overall way of life.

Of course the land is beyond beautiful, but I believe it is people of the land that make it so beautiful.

Case in point, May’s mermaid of the month Miss Keiki Lindo.

Keiki is what I like to consider North Shore royalty. She is a regular on the surf scene and holds it down for all the ladies, sliding and cross steppin’ the powerful waves to personal success.

I met this glowing island goddess at the good ol’ Yard House, where we spent the nights huslin’ half yards and photo bombing Japanese tourists on the reg.

She would walk into work with a beaming smile on her face, talking story about surfing, traveling and crossfit, all while savoring the sweetness of a Drumstick ice cream cone.

(I admire a girl who knows how to have her cake lemon soufflé and eat it too).

Obviously, it was love at first sight.

As our passion for sweet treats and fitness grew, so did our friendship. The more I got to know Keiki’s graceful heart and captivating spirit, the more in love I fell.

Open your eyes to the islands fascinating way of life and meet my Hawaiian mermaid, Keiki Lindo.


+ Introduce yourself 

Aloha kākou! My name is Keiki Lindo and I was born and raised on the North Shore of Kaua’i. I am 27 years young and I currently live on the North Shore of O’ahu with my sister and brother.

+ How did your journey to health and fitness begin?

I grew up being an active little bee. You could say it’s in my genes. Fitness for me has always been a way of life. From surfing to soccer, crossfit, karate and dirt biking, the mountains and ocean continuously provide.

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+ What was one of the best parts about growing up in Hawai’i?

There are so many wonderful things about growing up here in the Aloha State, but what stands out in my mind the most is the focus on family and the lifelong friends I have made. My friends have turned into my sisters and brothers, and I think that ultimately family is the core of Hawai’i.


+ What is your favorite part about traveling and why is important for our generation?

I live to travel! Seeing new places, cultures, people, and ways of life is so beneficial to us as humans, especially our generation. It humbles me when I am globetrotting and it also reminds me to be appreciative of what I have. My favorite part of traveling is being completely out of my element and learning how to adapt…That and the food of course! There are so many places I want to see in this short lifetime, but no matter where I go in the world, there’s no place like Hawai’i.


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+ How has surfing influenced your life?

Surfing isn’t just an activity or hobby for me: it is a lifestyle. I grew up in a large surfing family so I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Being in the water all the time is so therapeutic and it gives me a deep appreciation for Mother Nature. It has provided me so much in this life, from amazing friends and relationships to beautiful travels around the world. I try my best to translate the patience I receive with surfing to my everyday life.

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+ What is your secret to staying motivated?

I stay motivated by surrounding myself with like-minded people who are also go-getters. It isn’t too hard to do when you have Hawai’i as your backyard!

+ What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

The one thing I can’t live without is my sister, Anuhea. She’s my best friend, mentor, sounding board, and counselor all wrapped into one!


(No joke, Keiki’s sister, Anuhea, makes some of the most incredible jewelry. Check out all her handmade treasures here.)

+ Your favorite natural beauty remedy

My favorite natural beauty remedy is a blueberry and plain yogurt face mask. It has lots of vitamin C and E from the berries and the lactic acid from the yogurt helps to rid the UV-damaged layers of your skin.

+ How do you keep your hair so long and gorgeous?

Luckily for me I don’t have to do much with my hair. I use Moroccan Argan shampoo and conditioner, or the Kukui Nut shampoo and conditioner. Pair that up with some Argan oil, coconut oil, and Aveda straightening cream and I’m good to go!


+ How to you satisfy your sweet tooth? 

I crave sweets daily. The struggle is real. Mint Milanos and Talenti Gelato, Mediterranean  Mint are absolute winners in my book!

+ How do you unwind and treat yourself? 

My favorite way to unwind is to be at the beach. It’s my slice of heaven and house of worship. I can always count on the ocean to relieve all stress and unhappiness, which is probably why I go daily. As far as treating myself, I go on vacations! If I’m going to live, I’m gonna go BIG!


+ Being a girl-on-the-go how do you find balance in life?

Balance in my life is a necessity. I try my best to prioritize what’s important and what makes my heart happy. I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful family that is always there for me. They help to keep me grounded and on track with my life’s goals and ambitions, which can be necessary sometimes…especially if the sun is shining and the waves are fun!

+ What advice do you have for other mermaids?

My advice to other mermaids is to soak up everything you can. Roam the world, discover the beauty of uncertainty, live with a burning passion, and find the brilliance in the most meager of things. There isn’t time to sweat the small shit!

photo 1

Like I said, Hawaii is more than a scenic island, its a captivating culture that inspires us all to be the best we can be through its sprit and language.

(speaking of language) the meaning of Keiki translates to “the little one”.

How badass is that?

She is a wise soul who is forever young, her carefree passion for life is eternal.

This babe truly embodies the essence of these islands. Which is why I think it’s so beautiful that Keiki travels, because a spirit like this was born to spread aloha all over the world.

Keep up with my girl’s #goodtimescampaign on instagram and let’s spend this Lei Day celebrating our own little flower of life, Keiki.



xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.


Picture Cred: Keiki Lindo & Brooklyn Hawaii (a fellow north shore babe holdin’ in down for creative mermaids everywhere).

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