Mermaid of the Month: Kayla Rae Reid

Call me biased but in my opinion, April has always kind of been the raddest month of the year.

Reason being, it’s my birthday month. Duh.

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to binge drink reflect on your growth through the years.

So naturally, with my celebration of life right around the corner, I began thinking, ”What was my little mermaid self doing five years ago?”

Ohh that’s right, I was taking the stage to our nations most prestigious college dance & cheer competitions with my fellow teammate and April’s Mermaid of the Month, Kayla Rae Reid.

image copy 4

First I’d like to point out, isn’t she a mega babe?  Seriously, a new-era Jenny McCarthy.

I met Kayla during my college dance team days when we were just babies (like red solo cup house party kind of babies).  Although she was young, what I’ve always admired about this gorgeous girl was her fearless independence.

Fresh out of high school she packed her bags, said good-bye to the fam-bam and began chasing her modeling dreams.

She was my kind of girl.

Since our early college days, Kayla has grown into a class act model, free-spirited traveler and one of the most badass Monster Energy Girl’s ever.

I could go on and on about this genuine heart but I’ll let her do all the talking.


+ Tell us about yourself
I  was born in Fairfax, VA. I moved to Palm Springs at the age of 10. Then moved around a bit after, I currently live in Huntington Beach going to school and trying to pursue my modeling career.

+ How did your passion for health & fitness begin?

I would have to say, I haven’t always had a passion for it until about 5 years ago. I have cheered basically my entire life up until college, which kept me somewhat athletic but I was pretty lazy haha. I just started running one day and realized how much it helped me clear my  mind. From there is when I think things started to fall into place.

image copy 2

+ What’s the best part about being a Monster Energy Girl?

That’s a hard question because there are so many things I enjoy. The people I work with, the girls, my boss, traveling, meeting new people, etc. The list goes on and on. I love my Monster Energy family!

image copy 3

+ Being a girl-on-the-go how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I try to always make everything give or take. Especially traveling and always going out to dinners I try to make the healthiest choices possible. I don’t eat meat, or dairy, fish occasionally. I eat a lot of vegetables. I make sure to get everything as plain as I can and condiments on the side. No butter, oil, salt. Add your own. 🙂

+ Fave recipe 

I love to cook! But something I eat daily is Brussel sprouts lol. Sautéed Brussel sprouts with a splash of olive oil, aminos (alt. soy sauce) (gf) and red pepper, yum! I could go on and on with recipes haha.

+ How do you stay motivated?

Motivation is hard. I go through phases of slacking off, when I start slacking I go and look of really hot girls with nice bodies and force myself to put down the chocolate and get my bum to the gym. Not easy.


+ Favorite song to sweat it out to 

I don’t have a gym playlist, usually I let Pandora handle that but my favorite workout song at the moment is “Talk Dirty”  by Jason Derulo.

+ How do you satisfy a sweet tooth?

I LOVE SWEETS!!! Dark chocolate, always my go to.

+ What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I am not where I want to be yet, I am climbing my ladder of success on step at a time. So far,  my biggest accomplishment was becoming comfortable in my own skin and feeling sexy being me.

image copy 6

+ Where do you see it all taking you?

I want to do everything! I want to create a respectable name for myself, most importantly. ( I am weird about sharing actual goals I have in mind because I don’t like jinxing things, if that makes sense!)

+ What advice do you have for other mermaids?

Find what works for YOU. Stay positive. Be yourself and own it. Women should empower each other more. We are all beautiful human beings and people attract to you more when you comfortable and happy being you.

image copy 7

Just in case you were wondering if this girl could get any more badass, did I mention she knows how to drive stick?

How I miss the good-ol-days of her orange mini cooper, but as I spend my birthday month reminiscing on it all, I love being able to see how far we’ve both come on our own journeys.

What’s even more kick ass is the fact I’m able to watch in awe as Kayla continues to make it all happen for herself.

Because really, I know it’s only a matter of time until we all see Miss Reid gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

and I can’t wait to tell you, I told you so.

Follow her Instagram & Twitter to keep up with her gypsy model life.

Birthday or not, let’s all make this month our bitch.

Happy April.

xx Fins and Kisses,

The Mermaid



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