Black Point B&E

This isn’t a fantasy pool I discovered under the travel section of Pinterest, allow me to introduce you legend that is Black Point. This salt water infinity pool is located in a prestigious gated community, once the home to Tom Selleck and his infamous mustache.

Sneaking into the posh pool has been on the top of my Hawaii bucket list (next to graduating of course!) Unfortunately, security is as tight as Channing Tatum’s ass and an exclusive key is required for entry.

And so the story begins…


While cruising home from another day of mermaid play, I had the itch for adventure and decided to try my chances. Security was on to me from the moment I walked through the gate (possibly due to the fact I was in my bikini holding a beach towel.) He asked if I was headed to the pool and my initial response was, “There’s a pool here? I’m just wandering around.” After exchanging an awkward moment of silence, I quickly caved and told him the truth behind my devious plan. Rather than being sent on my merry way, I was personally escorted by security to the entrance and presented with the sacred key, allowing me to open the door into a world I once dreamed of.

This wandering adventure led me to the self-revelation that my sparkling personality is the sacred key in life, and with it I’m able to open any door I desire.

Re-pin that.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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