Fin-ergy Juice

Being surrounded by the freshest fruits and veggies Hawaii has to offer led me to shamelessly jump on the juicing bandwagon. Considering the instant nutrients juicing provides the body, I’ve made it my new go-to post workout treat.

(Sorry acai bowls, we need to talk. It’s not you, it’s me.)

Today after an ass kicking workout I couldn’t wait to shower grab some fresh produce and juice it up. This by far has to be my favorite concoction to date. I call it, Fin-ergy, a green machine juice jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids to help keep your inner mermaid in tip-top shape.

Kiwis: Don’t judge a book fruit by its cover. Although this little guy is brown and hairy on the outside (insert dirty joke here) on the inside they are nothing but amazingness! Containing more vitamin C than oranges, kiwi is known to help lower cholesterol, aid digestion and prevent various types of cancer in the respiratory system.

Celery: Usually the only way I eat celery is if its smothered in peanut butter. Since this super food helps equalize the body’s PH, which is crucial for peak health, I figured I could skip the PB for once and throw it in the juice mix.

Cucumber : Made up of 95% water, cucumbers help hydrate the body while replenishing daily vitamins. Fun Fact; cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to cure most hangovers. (Keyword: most)

Apples: Apples are loaded with fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and tons of minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium. I hate to say it but, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

1/2 Lemon: When life gives you lemons, throw them in your juicer and watch the lbs drop while making your immune system grow stronger.

Handful of Spinach: Your probably expecting some lame Popeye joke, well I can’t think of any. I’ll just tell you that spinach is made up of vitamin K, which promotes a healthy nervous system and proper brain function.

Whey Protein Powder: Containing all 9 essential amino acids, this complete protein is easy to digest while helping repair muscles, bones, organs and every other part of our body.

Once you chop up the produce throw it all in your juicer, mix in a scoop of protein powder and enjoy! This “Fin-ergy” juice is essential to a mermaid lifestyle. Drink up to keep your tan skin glowing, long hair growing and energy flowing all day long.


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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