If today was your final day on earth, would you die happy?

I get it, “the end” is kind of a touchy subject for most people, but what I don’t understand is…why?

Is it the fear of no longer being able to experience the magnificence of life, or perhaps it is the fear of being forgotten?

But see, that’s the magic of it all.

By challenging yourself to truly experience life, it’s almost impossible to be forgotten.

Take for instance, the legend of my dear friend Sean Michael Moses.


Sean was the kind of guy with an alluring presence.

He was a selfless man with a smile as radiant as his passion for life. You could feel the warmth in his heart and see the fire in his eyes. He was an actor, photographer, teacher, coach, writer, philosopher and masseuse. He had the courage to pursue any and every dream his heart desired without any pressured expectations of success. He was a world traveler with a charismatic demeanor that had the power to make complete strangers feel like family. Sean had the ability to capture an audience through his compelling stories of fearless adventure, but he never allowed it outshine his ability to listen. Helping others overcome obstacles and achieve their own personal goals was his true talent.

He was a real man with an undeniable purpose in life to inspire.

Because his positive spirit and remarkable energy was in high demand, he utilized Facebook as a way to encourage his friends from all over the world. With each new day he shared a quote that challenged our minds and opened our eyes to new perspectives of life.

On his final day, this was the quote he left us with.


Now those aren’t your average last words, but as you can see, Sean Moses wasn’t your average kind of guy. Although his tragedy happened unexpectedly at the ripe age of 30, he was so at peace with himself it was almost as if he knew July 15, 2012, was his last day on earth.

He really was an angel walking among us and I am forever thankful that I was able to call this incredible individual a friend.

Sometimes I yearn for the chance to share with him my very own stories of dream chasing adventures, but I know he is in another life watching me LIVE.

It’s been two years since he left his mark on this wonderful world, but his legacy continues to motivate and inspire hundreds — yes, hundreds — of people to become their best self. He was a natural-born leader, creating a path for us to exist with a sense of purpose and meaning.

He accepted the concept of death which allowed him to truly experience a greater way of life, and that is how you become a badass legend.

Death is apart of life. We aren’t immortal, our journey eventually leads to “the end.” So again I ask, if today was your final day, would you die happy?

In the wise words of my dear friend, now is your time, LIVE.


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.


To find out more about Sean’s story I encourage you to follow his movement Bonded by Integrity.




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