Badass Beats: Elements of Nature Edition

Here’s a little secret about me, I’ve become somewhat of a spiritual badass. No really, I’m learning how to connect with power of the universe and use it to my advantage.

Call me cray, but this shit works.

Anyway, a recent trip has taken my spirituality to a whole new level.

I know what you’re thinking, “alright you crazy mermaid hippie, where did you go to reach such enlightenment?”

…down the street.

Like I said, I’m a spiritual badass and I just connected so hard with the universe, I lost myself in the magical world that surrounds me.

Now let me open your mind to this wonderful way of life.

From beaming stars and glowing moons, to roaring oceans and drifting clouds — this enchanting earth is flourishing with a sense of life and purpose far beyond our very own existence.

Our day-to-day routine is bursting with some of natures most fascinating elements, but how often do we really take the time to connect with it all?

Running outdoors is a kick ass way to admire the divine power of our universe, and thanks to my new Elements of Nature playlist, you too can venture on a magical trip to spiritual enlightenment.


These jams shine light on the unexplainable beauty of the universe. So the next time you set out on a run, let go if all and take the time to connect with the magic from within.

Not only will you feel apart of a power much greater than your own magnificent self, you will also see how nature is able to illustrate life in a remarkable way.


So which element of nature do you most resemble?

The dancing trees, standing tall and strong, swaying along with the mighty force of the trade winds ? Or perhaps the rolling clouds, floating across the horizon with a sense of ease and grace?

Personally, I like to consider myself a shooting star beaming across the night sky with the kind of light that inspires the world to wish for something greater.

Now that’s deep, I told you I’m a spiritual badass.

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