The 10 Lessons of Life I’ve Learned Since Moving to Hawaii

Airplanes are a peculiar kind of situation — you’re neither in the place you’ve been, nor in the place you’re going.

You are above the world at peace, reflecting on the experiences you’ve encountered while manifesting the possibility of what’s yet to come.

Two years ago, as I traveled through the clouds in route to my next life chapter, I wrote quite possibly the most significant journal entry that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Take a peak into the mind of Gennah Rodriguez — after California, before Hawaii — lost above the ocean, in the middle of nowhere.

“Here I am, on my way to Hawaii and all I can think is “fuck, this is really happening.” I feel like I’ve waited forever for this moment, yet I never thought the day would come. I’m going to miss everyone and everything, but I know this is going to be the best thing I could ever do for myself. It’s time to do whatever it is I want to do, and be whoever it is I want to be. This experience is going to be the craziest years of the big life that awaits me. There will be days when I just want to go home, followed by days where I feel like I am home. Just remember, live it to the fullest Gennah. Not everyone has the courage to pack their bags and move their life to a place all alone —  But that’s the beautiful thing about you, you’re not like everyone else. You are an independent, strong, courageous girl and I’m intrigued to see the person you become after this entire experience. If you make the most of the years to come there is no doubt in my mind you will be unstoppable. Good Luck with your next life chapter Gennah.” 

Now that’s some deep shit coming from a 20-something year old girl, am I right?

However, it’s moments like this that are a constant reminder that inside us all lies the power of creation.

Last week marked my two-year anniversary on these magical islands and I can’t help but smile in awe at the life I have created for myself.

Can I get a Mai Tai cheers to that!?

Living in the Aloha State has opened my eyes to the fascinating journey we call life — and in honor of my two-year island-versary, I want to share with you the 10 lessons of life I’ve learned since moving to Hawaii.


Lessons of Life


1. Time is a misconception

If there is one phrase in Hawaii I hear more than the typical “Aloha” and “Mahalo,” it’s — “What day is it?”

In Hawaii there is something the locals refer to as “island time”. People here have no real sense of time and honestly, we don’t give a damn. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, or what hour of the night — if the vibes are good, we make the most of our “time” and fully immerse ourselves in the moment.

What’s even better is no one ever asks your age because in reality, it doesn’t even matter. You are who you are no matter how old or how young. We are all here kicking ass at life and experiencing this stage of self-discovery, which leads me to my next point…


2. Everyone is on their own journey 

I’ve met some lifelong friends out here who continuously motivate and inspire me to become the greatest version of my most badass self — but, there eventually comes a time where these incredible individuals are ready to conquer more, leaving me with no other option then to say goodbye.

These islands have taught me to never hold anyone back. As a friend, it is my job to encourage everyone on accomplishing whatever it is they desire in life.


3. The true meaning of success

Success isn’t about the title on your business card or the fancy car you drive. It’s not about how much money you make or the designer clothes you wear. True success is reached by having a deeper connection with your own day-to-day lifestyle.

When you are able to jump out of bed on a Monday, totally stoked to make the week your bitch, then you have reached personal success.


4. Solitude is essential

One of the main reasons Hawaii was appealing to me is because it’s a place that allows me to be alone. We often surround ourselves by people who think they know what’s best for us, but in reality, they don’t even know what’s best for themselves.

It’s important to escape to a place of peace. Taking time to yourself is the greatest way to connect with your intuition and appreciate the badass life you are creating.


5. The significance of nature

Wether you are out surfing the waves of a massive swell or hiking the steep cliffs of a lush mountaintop, nature shows us how this world is flourishing with a sense of life far beyond our own existence.

Chasing big dreams can become overwhelming, but nature helps us feel small again because it reminds us of the truth— we are part of a greater power. Knowing the force of the universe exists helps instill the faith needed to reach those extraordinary accomplishments.


6. Say yes to life

Since moving to Hawaii I’ve ran marathons, competed in pageants, anchored news broadcasts, fallen in love, became a mermaid, created my own TV show and played with sharks.

Every experience, good or bad, gives you a better understanding of who you are and helps you grow into the person you want to become. We only regret the chances in life we don’t take, so rather than asking yourself “why?” ask yourself “why the hell not?”


7. Develop an endless curiosity of the world

When it comes to learning about new environments, curiosity is essential. When I first set foot on these islands, I didn’t know much about my surroundings, let alone myself. By developing a sense of curiosity my eyes have opened to new worlds.

A curious mind provides us with a desire of adventure and a drive to learn. It challenges you to dig deeper, ask questions and view life from different perspectives.


8. Have an attitude of gratitude  

Ever wonder why people in Hawaii seem happier? Well, it’s because, we are genuinely thankful for what we have and show appreciation for what really matters in life — health, happiness and love.

All we need lies within us and when you are able to appreciate what you have to offer the world, life will begin to appreciate you in a wonderful new way.


9. You have the power to be whatever you desire in life

Just live it, be it and own it.

When you are able to see it in yourself, others will begin to see it too.

Trust me, I’m a mermaid.


10. Breathe and believe 

I have spent countless years chasing my biggest dream in life, often leaving me feeling suffocated and restless, rather than fulfilled and accomplished. The most important lesson of life Hawaii has shown me is the importance of breathing in the moment and fully believing in the journey.

We all get so caught up in trying to “make it happen” we easily forget it “is” happening — right here, right now.

I’ve come a long way since the lost girl, gazing out the window of an airplane with the hopes of something greater, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the woman mermaid I am today.

“Continue creating the life you want to live. Continue doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Continue fueling your passions and challenging yourself to higher extremes. Continue exploring the world around you. Continue sparking your creativity by truly experiencing life — and most importantly, continue loving yourself because in the end, that’s all that really matters. If you have a genuine passion that glows from within, you will be able to live a life as magnificent as you could ever imagine, because you love yourself enough to believe it is all possible for you. Breathe and believe Gennah, it’s all happening now.” 



There are some things in life far beyond our control, but by challenging yourself to new extremes and truly believing in the outcome, your own creation of life will soon become more badass then you could ever imagine.

People often refer to me as an inspiration, but it is you who inspires me to continue on the pursuit of my dreams. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the endless love and support you all have given me.

Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to another badass year in the life of The Running Mermaid.


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.


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