Wander With A Focus Pt.2

Happy 2015 my Badass Mermaids!

Serious question — would it be basic bitch of me to start the New Year off with a little #ThrowbackThursday action?

Too bad, because it’s happening.

Before the creation of The Running Mermaid, I had my original blog, Mermaid Memoirs. It was a creative outlet for me, and a carefree way to share my lessons of life.

Last year I wrote a pretty epic post, “Wander With A Focus” and shared the story behind this reassuring sign from the universe. See, I’m not kidding when I say it was a sign.

Wander with a Focus

Now that I have your attention, I want you to do me a favor and take a second to read it for me.

In the legendary post, I explain the three simple steps behind achieving this method, however, my final step was “…?”

I spent 2014 practicing this unpredictable way of life, and with it being the new year and all, I think now is the perfect time to let you in on how my whole Wander With a Focus thing is all working out.


Step 1: Find Your Focus, Just Do It

I began 2014 with the intention of staying true to my happiness. I wanted to make more time for the things that filled my life with joy, which included running, writing, and of course the beach. This promise to myself gave me a better understanding of the person I was, eventually leading to the creation of my blog, The Running Mermaid.


Step 2: Let It Go

I’ve always had a solid vision of what I  want out of life, but the tricky part for me is learning how to let it go and experience the journey with confidence. As a way to test my faith in the universe, I made the ballsy move to let go of the safety net society calls a college degree and began 2014 focused on enjoying my mermaid lifestyle.


Step 3: …? Breathe and Believe

I experienced the year one breath at a time, and tried my best to believe in the life I was creating.

I say, “tried my best” because despite my pivotal moments of self-growth and personal-success, mastering the art of faith is harder than Gandhi makes it out to be. There were countless times I broke down with doubt, asking myself the age-old question, “What the hell are you doing?”

But that’s why this #ThrowbackThursday action is far from the typical “new year, new me” basic bitch kind stuff. It’s more like new year, same me—but better, because here I am about to jump on a plane and embark on a lifelong dream I (unknowingly) had in mind when I wrote the epic post over a year ago.



And what is the dream you ask? Well, that’s why you have to read the post and figure it out yourself.

But I’ll tell you one thing, because I totally believe in my “Wander With a Focus” method, I decided to make another ballsy move and let go of my steady job to make even more time for my mermaid empire this year.

I’m telling you, this shit works.

I’m tired of telling you, I want to show you.

So be sure to keep up with my dream chasing adventure, by following @therunningmermaid on Instagram.

Here’s to another unpredictable year in the life of a Mermaid.

¡Feliz año nuevo!

xx Besos,

La Sirena.

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