Attitude Of Gratitude Lifestyle Challenge

For the past year I’ve been challenging myself to live in the moment, while practicing the art of appreciation through my “gifts from the universe” lifestyle method, and now, I’m challenging you to practice this magical way of life.

My Attitude of Gratitude 10-day challenge was created to help bring significance to your everyday life by utilizing my method of appreciation, while fully embracing the present moment.

Watch the video below to learn about my appreciation method and get all the deets on my latest lifestyle challenge.

The 10-day challenge will be held now through Christmas, so be sure to follow The Running Mermaid on Instagram and Facebook, and check-in with me by tagging @therunningmermaid in your daily attitude of gratitude posts.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season mermaids, and lets take the time to appreciate this beautiful gift of life!


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.



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