The Adventure Of Life

So there I was at the service counter checking in for the final flight of my soul vacation, as the airline attendant asked, “Are you headed to Hawaii today?”

I paused and actually had to take a minute to think about it.

I’ve been so lost in my own world, for a second, I didn’t even have a clue as to where my next destination was headed. Once I realized I was en route to my Mermaid playground of Hawaii, I eagerly handed over my rainbow-hued ID and responded, “Yes, I’m heading home!”

Remember that one blog post I did a hot minute ago, where I told you guys I’d let you know my feelings towards travel after I caught my plane back home and did a princess twirl onto my bed?

Well, this week as I woke up in the comfort of my home, I couldn’t help but think — I did it, I found my way back to me.

Prior to departure I wasn’t exactly my happiest self. I felt stuck on my path, unsure of which direction to take the next step. I knew I wanted more out of life, however I was unsure of what I needed to do in order to get it.

So I did what every 20-something-year old does when faced with such a life altering predicament, run away to another country and hope to figure it all out along the way.

Now that I’m back I’m not sure if I have it figured ALL out per say, but my experience of travel did help me develop a better understanding on how to voyage through this adventure we call life.


+ Expect The Unexpected

While traveling, you are guaranteed to face obstacles that will challenge your persistence and faith. It could be a missed flight because your introverted self is too caught up in your thoughts to hear the final boarding call, or maybe even finding yourself catching a spontaneous flight to Vegas.

Whatever the situation may be when your travels throw you a swift curveball, just breathe and believe you will end up exactly where you should. It’s important to build a sense of trust within yourself in order to discover peace amongst the chaos in life.

Let your expectations go, and let the adventure flow.

+ Explore With A Run

Whenever I gear up for adventure, the first thing I throw on are my running shoes. Running is the ultimate way to cover major ground while exploring new surroundings. It helps give you a better understanding of what the city has to offer, while challenging yourself to go the extra mile.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there is always a running path right outside your door if you choose to lace up and take advantage of it.

+ Find Comfort In The Discomfort

Those moments of travel where you experience a sense of unease with your situation, take note of where you rediscover your sense of comfort.

I would be lying to you if I boasted about how picture perfect my Puerto Rican getaway was. I mean obviously it was epic, but between the intimidating language barrier, ice-cold showers, and traveling solo, I also experienced some moments of distress.

There were times where I felt lost, confused and unaware of what to do next, but I always managed to reconnect with myself in coffee shops, bookstores and running trails. These entities were a constant reminder of my initial purpose for traveling, while shining light on what truly brings joy into my life.

+ You Are Never Alone

It’s fascinating what we are able to learn about ourselves by opening up to an unfamiliar person. Although I embarked on this adventure solo, not once did I ever feel lonely. Making new friends is what I live for, and on this trip I was fortunate enough to meet and reconnect with some life long friends that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This world is (almost too) full of incredible individuals that are just as curious about your life, as you are about theirs. Making new friends is as effortless as asking the person next to you how their day is going. The conversation will roll from there and you will be in awe of the connection you feel to someone who was once a stranger.

Every new friend is a new opportunity to spread your light of inspiration around the world so go out there and make a stranger smile today.

+ Travel With Minimal Baggage

Let’s pause for a quick bragging moment here, I packed two months of clothes and two years worth of journals into one carry-on. I guess being a woman and all, people expected me to bring five suitcases of just shoes. Whenever I showed up with my bag in hand, everyone always asked, “that’s it?”

Ummm yeah, and quite frankly, even that was too much. The way I see it, you’ll get to where you need to be in life a lot faster with less baggage.

Learn to live with less, it’s as simple as that.

+ Patience Is The Most Beautiful Quality A Woman Can Have

The most beautiful person I came into contact with on this trip was the sister of my late Grandmother. She welcomed me into her home with open arms, and although the language barrier kept us from engaging in an actual conversation, I was able to learn a great deal just by observing. This remarkable woman is so patient with each passing minute of her life on the hillside of Puerto Rico, that I was able to feel the peace within her heart by being in her presence.

Her diabetic self also taught me who gives a shit, eat whatever makes you happy.

+ Look For The Omens

The key aspect of traveling is about having faith in your inner-compass to guide you through the oblivion of an unfamiliar world. By connecting with the present moment you will soon unveil signs of shooting stars, familiar faces, and little pockets of magic from the universe reassuing you are on the right path in life.

+ You Can Be Whatever You Desire

In Hawaii, I’m known as “The Mermaid.” I’m proud to say I’ve created this positive persona based of my passion for life. However, in Puerto Rico I was known as “The Writer.” When new friends asked what brought me to the island, I would confidently proclaim to write a book. I began to cultivate a sense of faith in my pursuit because I these complete strangers genuinely believed in me.

Going into a new surrounding allows you the freedom to create your own identity. What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to be?

Own up to a dream and sell it to the world.

+ It’s All In The Story

Now that I’ve returned to paradise I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve heard friends say, I can’t wait to hear all about it. Everyone loves a good story and writing inspires me to live life in a way worth sharing, but when you reach the conclusion the reader always wants to know, what’s next?

Like I said, I’m not sure if my travels helped me figure it ALL out per say, but I do know on this trip, it wasn’t the about the stories of salsa dancing until 4 a.m., hopping on a train to find myself in the largest street fair of San Juan, or  performing at an open mic night alongside Puerto Rico’s most talented musicians and poets.

To me, the story that matters most is the one I’m still writing.


































El Morro

I guess now I know which direction I need to take my next step towards life, forward.

Here’s to keeping the adventure going.

Maybe I do have it all figured out, for now at least.

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.

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