Get Your “OM” On: How To Begin a Meditation Practice

Get Your “OM” On: How To Begin a Meditation Practice

Sitting in stillness for a handful of minutes sounds simple enough right!? The inner peace that comes along with shutting off the mind and connecting with your breath makes meditation a real no-brainer.

But why is it so damn hard to welcome this beneficial practice into our daily grind?

Research from Stanford University’s associate director for the Center of Compassion, Emma Seppälä,  shows that including meditation into your everyday life increases happiness, reduces stress, improves concentration and even slows down the process of aging. It has the power to connect us with the present moment while opening our minds to receiving unlimited information and ideas.

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say meditation is pure magic.

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Spacecake Soundtrack: My Solar Eclipse Playlist

Spacecake Soundtrack: My Solar Eclipse Playlist

As a girl with her head always in the clouds, do you really think I would have missed out on watching the phenomenal #SolarEclipse2017?!

Well believe it, because while some people ventured across the country to witness this once in a lifetime experience— in true Gennah fashion, I totally spaced.

I literally walked into the store for two minutes, and next thing you know, the historical moment is trending over Snapchat Insta-Story with its very own hashtag. After dealing with the initial FOMO, I soon discovered, just because I didn’t see it, doesn’t mean I couldn’t feel it.

Thanks to the magic of music, I was inspired to make a psychedelic playlist filled with stellar songs and trans-y tunes to help connect with all the high vibes surrounding me.

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10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Since Moving To Hawaii

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Since Moving To Hawaii

Airplanes are a crazy kind of situation, you’re neither in the place you’ve been, nor in the place you’re going. You are above the world at peace, reflecting on the experiences you’ve encountered while manifesting the possibility of what’s yet to come.

Two Five years ago, as I traveled through the clouds in route to my next life chapter, I wrote quite possibly the most significant journal entry that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Take a peak into the mind of Gennah — after California, before Hawaii — lost above the ocean, in the middle of nowhere.

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Celebrate Your Silhouette: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

Celebrate Your Silhouette: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

It’s crazy to think a good portion of my younger years was spent obsessing over a boob job. I mean, I grew up in Orange County where plastic surgery is a right of passage for a girl on her 18th birthday, so I guess it’s really not that crazy.

Lucky for me, I’m horrible at saving money, so I was never able to set aside the $10,000 to go under the knife. Instead, I accepted my itty-bitty titties and learned how to love myself for all the other assets I was given (emphasis on the ass).

But I get it, this kind of self-love is a lot easier said than done.

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#RunMalibu Playlist

#RunMalibu Playlist

Would you believe me if I told you I ran my first full marathon with zero training?!

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I bought a number off Craigslist two days before the race and ran as Lilly Lee, a 38-year old from Honolulu Hawaii. Of course everyone told me I was insane for randomly deciding to run 26.2 miles, but honestly, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I knew I was fully capable of conquering this personal challenge, because I was able to imagine myself at the finish line, sipping on champagne and smashing some malasadas with a shiny medal around my neck.

Then on race day, after 5 hours and 45 minutes of running, I did just that.

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Never Grow Up, Never Give Up

Never Grow Up, Never Give Up

While my ego believed the motive for moving back to California was in search of more opportunity, deep down, my heart knew this change was for a different reason.

It took a while to quiet the mind and figure out what my heart was trying to tell me, but the moment I was finally able to hear my heart speak it’s truth, was the moment my nephew looked at me for the very first time.

Needless to say, I cried like a little bitch (and I’m still crying like a little bitch as I try to put this memory into words, so bear with me here— ok?)

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness

A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness

Am I crazy or is everyday a celebration in the social media world?!

One day it’s #NationalDonutDay, and the next is #GlobalRunningDay, followed up with #WorldOceansDay and #NationalBestFriendsDay. So really, are you even surprised when I say today is #GlobalWellnessDay?!

And although it may seem super basic of me to partake in these hashtag holiday’s, I can’t help it, because this is the kind of digital fiesta I’m all game for.

Now when you hear the term “wellness” you might instantly think of gluten-free freaks with a weird obsession for kombucha and kale. However, as a true wellness junkie, I’m here to tell you all that stuff is bullshit!

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