Be Your Own Bae: 8 Ways to Love Yourself

For the last five years the only relationship I’ve been in is with myself. Sounds kind of sad, huh? But what most people don’t know is, the reason for my dry spell single girl status was because at the ripe age of 23 I wanted to learn how to love myself. I made the ballsy […]

Get Your “OM” On: How To Begin a Meditation Practice

Sitting in stillness for a handful of minutes sounds simple enough right!? The inner peace that comes along with shutting off the mind and connecting with your breath makes meditation a real no-brainer. But why is it so damn hard to welcome this beneficial practice into our daily grind? Research from Stanford University’s associate director […]

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Since Moving To Hawaii

Airplanes are a crazy kind of situation, you’re neither in the place you’ve been, nor in the place you’re going. You are above the world at peace, reflecting on the experiences you’ve encountered while manifesting the possibility of what’s yet to come. Two Five years ago, as I traveled through the clouds in route to my next […]