The Spartan Mermaid 4-Week Lifestyle Challenge

Races are those unique experiences that provide us with vital lessons on the marathon of life.

Only you are capable to pace yourself to grow stronger with each new mile. Only you have the power to encourage the ones around you on their own path, and only you are able to push yourself across the finish line into a lingering high of self-accomplishment.

Yeah, races are a drug and I need my fix.

I’ve been yearning to experience that indescribable finish line feeling, dressed in black and dripping in sweat.

So I put myself on the hunt for a new race and recently discovered one that’s perfectly suited for my badass mermaid-self.

Described by ESPN as “A True Test of Will” The Reebok Spartan Race is an obstacle series full of mud, fire and barbed wire.

(rough, just how I like it.)

Aside from all the dirty, sweaty fun, what makes the race so epic is their mission on building a community that empowers us all to be our strongest-self.

The Spartan Race is more than a fierce ass-kicking obstacle course, it’s an overall lifestyle focused on training mean, eating clean and motivating others.

What I like to consider the trifecta to personal success.

(On the subject of trifecta, The Spartan Race is headed to my beautiful home of Hawaii for a Trifecta Series, but more on that later).

I’ve been talking to my friends over at the Reebok Spartan Race and we are teaming up for a mega giveaway challenge. We want to encourage everyone to embrace this way of life by becoming apart of The Spartan Mermaid 4-week lifestyle challenge.



Allow me to break down all the deets.

The entire contest will be held via Instagram so be sure to follow The Running Mermaid & Reebok Spartan Race.

Each week I will post a different challenge focused on building healthy habits for strong, well-balanced lifestyle.

Week 1: Motivation

Week 2: Workouts

Week 3: Eating Clean

Week 4: Play Outside

As if learning how to kick-ass at life wasn’t enough, the 4-week challenge is going to be full of some uh-mazing weekly giveaways.

Complete with the Grand Prize of a free entry to ANY Spartan Race in the US, along with a personal feature sharing your very own inspiring story on The Running Mermaid.

This is your chance to better yourself, while inspiring the world around you to kick ass at life.

Join The Spartan Mermaid Challenge:

  1. Follow The Running Mermaid and Reebok Spartan Race on Instagram.
  2. Repost the photo above and tag @therunningmermaid and @spartanrace.
  3. Complete motivational lifestyle challenges and share your journey to the 4-week finish line by checking in using the hashtag #theSPARTANmermaid.’


Consider me your own personal lifestyle coach and together we will transform your daily routine into a badass dream in a little as 4-weeks.

I am looking for women who confidently embrace The Spartan Mermaid through their strong body, focused mind, and powerful voice.

What I like to consider the trifecta of self-love.

(and back on the subject of trifecta…)

I will be competing in my very first Spartan Race this summer during Hawaii’s Trifecta weekend.

So you better believe I’m challenging myself to embody The Spartan Mermaid lifestyle all the way to the finish line.

Dressed in black, covered in mud and maybe even a little blood.

(I told you I like it rough.)

So who’s with me Mermaids?



xx Fins & Kisses,

The Spartan Mermaid.


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