It’s The Little Things In Life

Like most days in the life of Gennah, it all started with a run…

Sorry I’m not sorry for blowing up your social media but, It’s no secret I’ve been trying to embody #thespartanmermaid lifestyle.

So this past week I thought it would be pretty badass to take my training to the beach, in a bikini (multitasking at its finest).

Genius, right? …wrong.

Although working out under the warm sunshine sounds like a fool-proof plan, it fooled me.

See, when you workout in a bikini theres no where to stick the key keep your belongings. I locked my backpack under the moped seat, tucked the key safely in my armband before heading out on my run.

Well…long story short, I lost the key.

With minimal hours to spare before work I decided to leave my moped unattended for the night and hope for the best.

Fast forward to three days later…

Thanks to my kick ass locksmith friend, I was finally able to get my moped up and running. As pumped as I was to cruise the beach again, I was super pumped to have my backpack journal back.

I opened the seat of my moped only to find it empty.

My wallet, my house keys, and my beloved journal, gone.

Shitty, right?…wrong.

I mean obviously, I cried like a little bitch for a minute, and then I had one of those “ah-ha” moments.

Why am I so attached to these replaceable possessions and why am I allowing them the power over my own happiness?

At the end of the day it doesn’t change the person I am.

I’m still Gennah Rodriguez, with or without the ID. I still live in my house, with or without the house keys. I’m still able to write my own story with or without the journal.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over the misfits in the world, but we do have control over our emotions. By learning to let go of all the little “things” in life, you will begin to appreciate the elements that really matter like happiness, health and love.

As for the person who now holds my most intimate thoughts, may they provide you with the inspiration needed to help you become a better person.


So the next time life throws you a curve ball play a little Bob Marley, put a flower in your hair and smile because every little thing is gonna be alright.

On that note, tomorrow marks a new week and I’m ready to kick some Spartan Mermaid ass. Who’s joining me for another lifestyle challenge?

and don’t worry, I’m planning on avoiding the bikini beach runs this week.

(I wish I could say the same about the social media posts.)


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid.


  1. Wow, gennah! The way you cope with the loss of a journal is admirable. I hope to reach a level of consciousness like you one day. Thank you for the encouraging words. I will think twice before I jog in a bikini.

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