The Spartan Mermaid Week 2 Challenge: Work It Out

Alright Mermaids, who is ready to get salty?

Welcome to Week 2 of The Spartan Mermaid Lifestyle Challenge. I hope last weeks vision board project left you all feeling motivated and inspired to take on another challenge!

Week 2 of the lifestyle challenge is focused on working out.

Working out is the key component to a happy and healthy lifestyle. It releases those feel good vibes giving you the energy needed to kick ass at life. It also builds strength within your body and mind, helping create a more confident you.

It also makes you sweat, and sweat is sexy.

Watch the video below for all the info on this weeks challenge, along with some of my favorite workouts helping me prepare for race day.



Challenge Requirements:

+ Share a picture or video of your favorite total body toning move on Instagram.

+ Tag a friend to complete your workout.

+ Both Mermaids must check in with me on @therunningmermaid using #TheSpartanMermaid hashtag.


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