5 Ways To Strengthen Your Running Stride

Not to sound conceded (but…) every time I set out on my daily run, I turn heads. Yeah, yeah, yeah, think what you may about my sports bra and spandex attire, but I know the real reason behind my eye-catching abilities is all thanks to my badass stride.

As a runner, your stride has a massive impact when it comes to form, speed, endurance and vulnerability to injury, basically meaning, having a badass stride is the most crucial part of running.

Now I’m not saying your stride needs to resemble that of a Kenyan Olympic running gazelle, I’m just saying it’s important to find a running style that works for YOU and really own it.

Perfecting a stride takes practice, but more importantly, it takes confidence.

Here are my top tips to help you achieve a badass running mermaid stride.

badass stride

1. Run with the Heart: Pulling the shoulders back and keeping your chin up naturally pushes your heart forward, leading the run in a strong and confident way.

2. Tight Core:  Keeping a solid core builds a strong center, helping maintain balance within your run. Try adding a tiny twist in your mid torso as you lengthen up in your stride.

3. Light on the Feet: Be sure to land softly, centering your weight on the balls of your feet during push-off. Add a little pep in your step by using the strength in your quads, hamstrings, calves and booty to propel yourself higher with each new stride. Eventually you will find yourself running with little effort and mega grace.

4. Music: My Bad Bitch Beats really help push me through a run. Create a playlist that will transport you into a world of your own imagination and allow yourself to get lost in the music.

5. Twinkle in the Eye: This comes from a genuine passion for it all. When you finally reach a point where you are able to completely surrender yourself to a run, people will be able to see that special little twinkle in your eye.

But like I said, perfecting a badass running stride takes a great deal of practice and confidence.

The only way to get better is by going out and doing it everyday until it becomes a way of life. Then, in time, you too will hold the power to turn heads.

With or without the sports bra and spandex attire.

Happy Running Mermaids!

xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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