Badass Beats 90’s Edition

This week has been full of birthdays, well wishes and raging. As my dear friends embark on new life chapters and growing older, we have all been celebrating with fireball some epic nights out.

Now I’m usually not a regular out on the bar scene but lately I’ve noticed, every time I go out I can’t help but feel like Will Farrell and Chris Kattan in the timeless classic, “Night at the Roxbury.”

Partly because of my inability to score at the club, but mainly because whenever the DJ throws on a throwback of an early 90’s jam, I can’t help but to be the first one on the dance floor banging my head to the beat.

No joke, 90’s dance music is my shiz.

The trance-y backbeats and playful lyrics make these old school jams some of the best music to work out to. So yeah, my nights at the club have totally inspired me to create a new Badass Beats playlist.

Badass Beats 90's

photo 2


So wether you end up spending the weekend cruising with Richard Grieco’s posse and 40 cans of whipped cream, just be prepared. This Badass Beats playlist is going to have you feeling so good you’ll walk into the club like, “Hey…did you just grab my ass?”


xx Fins & Kisses,

The Mermaid

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